We don’t use Mineral Oil, Stearic Acid, Paraben Waxes, or any of those chemical names you can’t pronounce in our lotions. We do use Organic Botanical Oils: Avocado, Sweet Almond, Evening Primrose, Rosehip Seed, WheatGerm, and in our European Tanning Creme we use Sesame Seed Oil, for it’s filtering of Ultra Violet light, Cocoa Butter for Tanning and Protection, and Coconut for protecton and water proofing. Botanical Oils are small molecular weight, are absorbed, do not clog pores, do not trap bacteria, let the skin perspire and breath as intended. We jokingly remark, “You Can Eat Our Lotions, But They Don’t taste Good” !! Botanical Oils repair skin tissue, fight infections, provide Vitamins & Fatty Acids our skin needs to be healthy and are the same oils that should be in our daily diets.

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